Highgate Group

Highgate is an investment dealer offering independent and integrated client advisory services to wealthy individuals and their families. Founded in 2019, Highgate is a fully owned subsidiary of Echelon Wealth Holdings, the parent company of Echelon Wealth Partners.

The creation of Highgate resulted from a successful and growing international clientele. Echelon, a financial intermediary in the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program and a participant in a number of other immigration by investment programs, worked with many wealthy international clients looking for immigration services. These families often included business owners or executives with complex family wealth and required specialized services. To better serve these clients, Echelon acquired a dealer in Quebec and established its management team locally in Montreal. The dealer was subsequently renamed Highgate Group Inc.

Highgate expanded their services to provide a 360-degree approach to wealth management, complementing their immigration offering with investment management and family office services solutions. With a focus on family legacy and client needs, bespoke planning and implementation are delivered.

Independence is at the forefront; alternative investments are a major contributor, and service is a priority.

Highgate is dedicated to providing best-in-class solutions and doing so in a manner consistent with the high standards of confidentiality, transparency, objectivity and professionalism that the firm is built on.

Our mission is to protect and enhance family wealth


Highgate is committed to the establishment and extension of your unique family legacy. We will help to establish the mechanism that ensures the efficient transfer of your responsibility for your future generations. We do this by addressing both the financial and human elements of your wealth.

We know that many families have access to tax, legal, investment and other specialists. However, in many cases, there is very little collaboration among your advisor network, often leading to an uncoordinated strategic approach to managing your family wealth. Our duty is to offer global support, fill in the gaps and manage your specialists under a singular umbrella. We work to develop a tailored strategic financial plan to bring clarity and efficiency to your financial structure while protecting the legacy you’ve worked hard to build.

Our Standards of Care:

i. We put your family first.

ii. We go above and beyond to serve your family. We build trust with our clients through unparalleled standards of integrity and service excellence.

iii. We take an objective and proactive approach to solving a wide range of situations that can arise

Saving time

Instead of spending your time managing your wealth and dealing with various private banks and advisors, we will manage your providers for you, allowing you to spend your time doing the things that you love.

Continue your legacy

If several generations are involved, it often becomes hard to find a common perspective. For many families, complex financial structures, emotional decisions, and potential conflict amongst family members can cause such wealth to feel more like a burden than a blessing. We provide you with consistent support through your daily decisions and assist in the difficult conversations.

Gain Objectivity / Control / Accountability

We act as a single point of contact, coordinating with all your advisors and managers. This gives you control over your investments and oversees everything in an organized manner. We manage your interests; we do what is right for you.