Family Office

We are building a family enterprise

A ‘true’ Family Office should have the following factors:

  • Independence
  • Objectivity
  • Transparency
  • Discretion
  • Alignment with Values

The goal is to centralize planning, decision-making, and supervision through a dedicated independent team of experienced professionals.

The comprehensive approach ensures greater efficiency and optimal results. A collaborative group of specialists ensures that the strategies and solutions meet the overall objectives of your family.

Highgate’s team works with families to manage the operational responsibilities that can take up your valuable time. Our specialists oversee lifestyle services, intergenerational wealth transfer, corporate and personal planning opportunities, real estate services, tax solutions and philanthropic strategy. Our team can provide you with performance indicators and develop a roadmap for the next generation.

Cash management is an essential component of a family’s overall financial framework and having an effective advisor who can help manage your liquidity needs can save you time and money. As part of our portfolio management advisory services, we work closely with families to help identify cash flow needs and the most tax-efficient means of funding day-to-day living expenses. We ensure that the cash you require is available, thereby eliminating the administrative tasks you would typically have to oversee. For business owners, Highgate has a competitive foreign exchange desk providing cost effective exchange rates and hedging solutions.