Investment Management

Make Informed Financial Decisions with Independent and Objective Advice

Highgate Group continuously seeks out unique and differentiated strategies from across the globe. We only recommend carefully vetted investment managers whose style and performance are best suited to your family’s financial objectives.

Our investment team stays engaged with the managers to challenge any performance gaps. And to help ensure that you stay on track, we constantly monitor your portfolio to ensure that the risk-adjusted returns on your investments are objectively benchmarked.

Our role is to bring thoughtful advice to our families on matters relating to investment selection and portfolio construction.

Our process is simple. Our business model isn’t based on selling investment products. Our approach is fully independent.

We’re compensated only by the families with whom we work. This allows us to source best-in-class managers and offer tailor-made solutions to address each family’s unique and highly personal situation.

In addition, the families that work with us don’t need to liquidate their investments. Instead, our approach seeks to incorporate existing relationships and to craft consolidated solutions.


By becoming your outsourced chief investment officer, we focus on optimizing performance and risk management by determining investment strategy, portfolio construction, manager selection and rebalancing.

We have an open architecture to investing and adhere to one critical requirement:

Independence. Complete objectivity in the selection of portfolio components, allocation or structure. Firms can incorporate internal strategies, manufacture specialized products and select opportunities but cannot receive any additional benefit from the selection process. Removal of conflict of interest is paramount.