Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

An overhaul for the investment immigration pioneer


Each year, around 80,000 high net worth investors relocate or obtain a second citizenship in another country. International investors around the world are looking for the best schools, the preservation of their heritage and the best lifestyle for themselves and their children.

The latest news on Quebec’s Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP): The provincial government is currently done with the work and is in formal talks with the federal government on immigration matters. We believe that the program should open in 2021 with an emphasis on the retention, integration and “francization” of all economic immigrants, including the “investor” sub-class.

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What is a Family Legacy & How is a Family Office Different?

Introducing 'Legacy Intelligence'


Legacy Intelligence is Highgates new information and education insights platform to help you navigate your assets, investments, wealth and intergenerational transfer to build a family legacy that can support your vision for your loved ones and their future. Instead of looking at just one aspect of wealth management, Highgate provides comprehensive and complex solutions to investors, individuals, professionals, small business owners and families that need more than the traditional investment plan. Find our best practices and advice here, and build your Legacy Intelligence. 

What is a Family Legacy & How is a Family Office Different? 

Our first article will help you understand the difference between traditional wealth management and what Highgate plans to offer as the next generation of comprehensive legacy wealth managers. As families tend to make up one of Canada’s largest sectors of wealth, it is only natural that they need specialized care and offerings to ensure their assets, investments, and legacies are protected.

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Fee indexation in January 2020

Increase in fees payable for the Ministry's services: Investor program


Please note that as of January 1st, 2020, the processing fees charged for the Ministry’s service have increased for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.

As of January 1, 2020, business class category, investor subclass: CAN $15,763.00

The increase affects the fees required under the Act respecting immigration to Quebec as well as the fees required for a request for a comparative evaluation of studies carried out outside Quebec. The 1.72% adjustment corresponds to the increase in the Quebec consumer price index for the period ending September 30, 2019. It complies with the requirements of section 83.3 of the Act respecting the financial administration.

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